Sponsor the St. George Brass Band!

Instruments, music and uniforms for a brass band are expensive. We try to reduce the financial barriers that would discourage players, especially children, from taking up a brass instrument. Sponsorship is therefore extremely helpful in allowing these items to be purchased and helping the Band to represent the district in band festivals and championships.

We are especially grateful for outstanding support of
* Kogarah City Council
* Georges River Council
* Earlwood - Bardwell Park RSL
* Lions Club of Oatley

There are a number of ways you can sponsor the band.

 Uniforms and instruments can be sponsored by you or your organisation.

 Donations always appreciated

 Names of sponsors appear in performance programs and on this website.

If you would like more information about sponsoring the band, please email l_moule@hotmail.com

The St. George Brass Band would like to thank the following sponsors:



Kogarah Council (Community Grant 2004) - $850 for marching harnesses, drum kit.
Kogarah Council (Community Grant 2005) - $650 to purchase secondhand euphonium.
Kogarah Council (Community Grant 2006) - $1000 for two secondhand cornets and 20 music stands.
Kogarah Council (Community Grant 2009) - $1000 to purchase three secondhand tenor horns and ten music stands.
Kogarah Council (Community Grant 2010) - $2000 to cover part purchase of high quality euphonium.
Kogarah Council (Community Grant 2011) - $950 to cover part purchase of percussion and marching equipment.
Kogarah Council (Community Grant 2012) - $1125 to cover part of the cost of repairing old instruments.
Kogarah Council (Community Grant 2013) - $500 for music scores and protective covers for drums.
Kogarah Council (Community Grant 2014) - $1000 to cover part of the National Band Championship entries and a trombone.
Kogarah Council (Community Grant 2015) - $850 for a baritone gig bag and cornet mouthpieces
Georges River Council (Community Grant 2016) - $1010 for "Music, Mutes and Mallets"
Lions Club of Oatley (2015) - $1000 towards Band develpment projects
Lions Club of Oatley (2016) - $1000 towards purchase of four-valve BBb bass
Earlwood - Bardwell Park RSL (2017) - $1000 donation towards instrument maintenance and purchase
Bayside Council (Community Grant 2017) - $500 in support of our junior program
George River Council (Community Grant 2018) - $1100 in support of Junior Program
Earlwood-Bardwell Park RSL (2019) - $2000 towards instrument purchase and maintenance
Georges River Council - (Councillor Ward Discretionary Fund 2019)- $850 towards purchase of light-weight bass drum for marching

  Full uniform:

Lions Club of Lugarno
Lions Club of Rockdale
St.George Masonic Club Ltd
Riverwood Legion and Community Club
Peakhurst Inn

  Marching coat:

Ramsgate RSL Memorial Club
Illawarra Catholic Club

  Part uniform:

Hurstville RSL Memorial Club


Significant donation and ongoing support

St.Paul's Anglican Church, Kogarah (use of hall for many years).
Rotary Club of Rockdale City
Oatley Lions Club (several donations over many years)
All Seasons Fruit Market, Bexley
Coles Supermarket, Illawong
Woolworths Kogarah
Kingsgrove Dry Cleaners
Ramsgate RSL - CDSE grant towards rent 2011
Bexley RSL - CDSE grant towards rent 2011
Earlwood - Bardwell Park RSL - CDSE Grant 2012 to cover rent for 2013
Earlwood - Bardwell Park RSL - CDSE Grant 2013 to cover rent for 2014
Earlwood - Bardwell Park RSL - CDSE Grant 2014 to cover rent for 2015
Earlwood - Bardwell Park RSL - CDSE Grant 2015 to cover rent for 2016
Earlwood - Bardwell Park RSL - Club Grant 2016 to cover rent for 2017
Earlwood-Bardwell Park RSL (Club Grant) - 2017 to cover rent for 2018
Earlwood-Bardwell Park RSL (Club Grant) - 2018 to cover rent for 2019
Earlwood-Bardwell Park RSL (Club Grant) - 2019 to cover rent for 2020
Earlwood-Bardwell Park RSL (Club Grant) - 2020 to cover rent for 2021
Georges River Council - $3000 Community Grant 2019 to support 2020 junior program
Earlwood-Bradwell Park RSL - $1000 in appreciation of support for remembrance services


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